About Us

We are the adventure professionals!

Your fearless pilot, the dashing narrator/navigator, and a 201X Jeep Wrangler loving named Roxie. (for a particular reason we may never disclose haha)

Abandoned Utopia

Documenting our adventures offroading to abandoned places all over the United States. We live in the United States and are from “Penns Woods” also known as the Keystone state. However, we have traveled all over the East Coast and the Midwest areas of the US with many plans for adventures all the way to California and Washington states and far beyond!


(To those interested in why we rename the places we post and give them our own names, read a few of the reasons below;)

-Because we are more interested in giving you an adventure/story rather than just listing places.
-Many instances where the real name is not very helpful/descriptive
-To help curb easy travel to places. In the age of the internet, you don’t need our help!




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