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Broken Brickyard

Broken Brickyard [Part 1]

This adventure was to find a brick factory abandoned around 2009 that has been for sale ever since. Some of the buildings are from the late 1800s! This place is out in the middle of nowhere! Here is the first glimpse we got. A broken garage door. Our first view of the first huge building still standing. A view of the old offices portion as my brother parks Roxie for our adventure. A wider view. …

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Broken Brickyard [Part 2]

Pallets of concrete mix. So much garbage here. Everything has been left to the elements or vandalized. You can see another one of those barrels from the last part that seemed to explode and freeze out of the top due to moisture. It is laying on its side and obviously was exposed to moisture as well! The far back corner. Lots of random stuff here. Some of it was brand new, surprisingly. Don’t touch this …

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Broken Brickyard [Part 3]

  Well well what have we just pulled into? Let’s get out and see what is going on here, shall we? Garbage and potentially hazardous minerals, yum! The remnants of some machine. A view of next part of the series Part Four! (coming soon) Well ain’t that the truth random graffiti! Yummy! You can see some of the bricks manufactured here. No idea what this did. Useless windows make better ventilation points. Useful windows mean …

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