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Gateway Towers

Outer Tower

We came across this completely unplanned and randomly. This is the first set of buildings in a series of many that make up a rather large railway yard. This was the first thing that we came across when we found the whole yard itself. These buildings were made somewhere around the mid 50’s and were abandoned completely around 1993 when the rail company was bought by a larger entity that had little use for their …

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Train Repair Depot

[*This location is now being re-used after the entire workshop and offices building was removed and a fence around the entire complex was added.*] Stop! Men at work. But not really. A few of the cars sitting outside of the hanger type building. Looking back towards the hanger. A closer and better look. What a surprise, this nice and newer box car sitting here. Nothing inside, what a bummer! Clean! A view down the tracks …

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