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Tysons Tigers [Part 1]

This place was difficult to get to and in the middle of nowhere nestled in between an abandoned golf course and an active quarry as well as numerous rather close neighbors. The mansion has not had anyone living in it since 1999 or so with the last resident being the one and only Mike Tyson. Yes, THAT Mike Tyson. All in all this place shows us exactly what limitless funds could get you in the …

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Tysons Tigers [Part 2]

Part Two of our adventure to Mike Tysons former mansion! A view beyond the round turret room and over the carpeted garage’s roof toward the front of the property and the main road as well as the abandoned guard house. A view of the detached garage from the second floor of the “spare room wing”. View of the tiger cages and shed from the second floor “spare room wing”. Looking at the basketball course from …

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