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Train Repair Depot

[*This location is now being re-used after the entire workshop and offices building was removed and a fence around the entire complex was added.*] Stop! Men at work. But not really. A few of the cars sitting outside of the hanger type building. Looking back towards the hanger. A closer and better look. What a surprise, this nice and newer box car sitting here. Nothing inside, what a bummer! Clean! A view down the tracks …

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Limestone Elevator

After your daring pilot acquired Roxie, within a weeks time and the first 50 factory miles we had one of the first adventures we have had. That was what came to be known as Carbontown Quarry, an abandoned limestone quarry of immense size with dozens of buildings spread across 5,000+ acres in the middle of nowhere. One of our first stops there was a limestone/gravel elevator that was five or 6 floors.The floors, stairs, railings, …

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