Ravaged Resort Part 1

A forgotten and kinda well known honeymoon resort near the top of a closeby mountain chain. A huge place complete with wedding bell shaped pool as well as dozens of cabins and motel rooms some with the ridiculous red heart shaped tubs! Without doubt a strange place that was probably not that great when it was opened last let alone now…

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Outer Tower

We came across this completely unplanned and randomly. This is the first set of buildings in a series of many that make up a rather large railway yard. This was the first thing that we came across when we found the whole yard itself. These buildings were made somewhere around the mid 50’s and were abandoned completely around 1993 when the rail company was bought by a larger entity that had little use for their …

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Tysons Tigers [Part 1]

This place was difficult to get to and in the middle of nowhere nestled in between an abandoned golf course and an active quarry as well as numerous rather close neighbors. The mansion has not had anyone living in it since 1999 or so with the last resident being the one and only Mike Tyson. Yes, THAT Mike Tyson. All in all this place shows us exactly what limitless funds could get you in the …

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Tysons Tigers [Part 2]

Part Two of our adventure to Mike Tysons former mansion! A view beyond the round turret room and over the carpeted garage’s roof toward the front of the property and the main road as well as the abandoned guard house. A view of the detached garage from the second floor of the “spare room wing”. View of the tiger cages and shed from the second floor “spare room wing”. Looking at the basketball course from …

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Outer Edge

When we find a new place, we generally explore every piece and area the best that we can so that we don’t miss anything awesome! This usually involves a good bit of offroading fun and almost always leads to some awesome adventures! Stumbling across the unusual and interesting things that are sometimes hidden right in plain sight. In this case, we got some offroading in and got to see some massive machinery parts that give …

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Broken Brickyard [Part 1]

This adventure was to find a brick factory abandoned around 2009 that has been for sale ever since. Some of the buildings are from the late 1800s! This place is out in the middle of nowhere! Here is the first glimpse we got. A broken garage door. Our first view of the first huge building still standing. A view of the old offices portion as my brother parks Roxie for our adventure. A wider view. …

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Broken Brickyard [Part 2]

Pallets of concrete mix. So much garbage here. Everything has been left to the elements or vandalized. You can see another one of those barrels from the last part that seemed to explode and freeze out of the top due to moisture. It is laying on its side and obviously was exposed to moisture as well! The far back corner. Lots of random stuff here. Some of it was brand new, surprisingly. Don’t touch this …

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Train Repair Depot

[*This location is now being re-used after the entire workshop and offices building was removed and a fence around the entire complex was added.*] Stop! Men at work. But not really. A few of the cars sitting outside of the hanger type building. Looking back towards the hanger. A closer and better look. What a surprise, this nice and newer box car sitting here. Nothing inside, what a bummer! Clean! A view down the tracks …

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Broken Brickyard [Part 3]

  Well well what have we just pulled into? Let’s get out and see what is going on here, shall we? Garbage and potentially hazardous minerals, yum! The remnants of some machine. A view of next part of the series Part Four! (coming soon) Well ain’t that the truth random graffiti! Yummy! You can see some of the bricks manufactured here. No idea what this did. Useless windows make better ventilation points. Useful windows mean …

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Tank Farm

We were unable to actually find and enter this one as it has VERY recently been utilized for the natural gas industry. Used to have underground bunker portions that we found evidence of including air vents and concrete blocks and huge steel and iron metal items. Shame we got here to late! But still got some awesome pictures! The last abandoned building here. 🙁 A view of Roxie and the natural gas stuff from the …

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