Broken Brickyard - Part 1

This adventure was to find a brick factory abandoned around 2009 that has been for sale ever since. Some of the buildings are from the late 1800s! This place is out in the middle of nowhere! Here is the first glimpse we got. A broken garage door. Our first view of the first huge building still standing.

A view of the old offices portion as my brother parks Roxie for our adventure.

A wider view. An open view to the other end. There used to be a good bit more building attached there, but it was torn down at some point. Our first view of the massive amount of stuff left behind. A view back at Roxie overlooking all of the materials and junk left behind. That wall used to be another building attached to this one, but is gone now. Torn bags of some sort of mineral used to make the bricks. A random and very think chunk of styrofoam. A view of the junk and the rail lines in the floor. Some reddish sediment of some sort to make bricks. Mostly empty barrels. A hole into the “basement” below that probably held water for the brick making process. A rolling container filled with a few older spare parts. Giant torn bags of the concrete leftovers from making the bricks. More bags of materials and a whole lot of junk. So much junk and debris! A very strange material that highly resembled blackpowder. A few full barrels. These are full and sealed. Apparently they are full of concentrated molasses solids. How they are used to make bricks, we are unsure. Torn bags of what seems to be limestone or concrete powder. A closer view of where the old building used to be.

At some point after the other building was torn down, the old roof came down too.

More bags and barrels of materials.

Whatever was in here reacted to the moisture and burst out of the top of the sealed barrels! It had enough force to push the very heavy pallets above up quite a bit!

Bags full of crushed stone. More bags of crushed stone.

Many different materials stored in many different ways. The bags on the right were full of what seemed to be like concrete powder/dust. An animal of some sort has been playing in this. We would not recommend it. More containers of concrete, crushed stone, and sulfur than we could imagine anyone would know what to do with! Bags of concrete. A view towards the other large building and the next part of our adventure! Stay tuned for Part Two of our trip to Broken Brickyard coming very soon![/url]

Abandoned Utopia

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