Broken Brickyard - Part 2

Pallets of concrete mix. So much garbage here. Everything has been left to the elements or vandalized. You can see another one of those barrels from the last part that seemed to explode and freeze out of the top due to moisture. It is laying on its side and obviously was exposed to moisture as well! The far back corner. Lots of random stuff here. Some of it was brand new, surprisingly. Don’t touch this stuff, it can not be good for you. “Keep dry. To be used with molten metal.” The parts that are used with molten metal. Graffiti is scarce here. Numbered brick wall that seems to be a duration test or something. You can see the door to the bathroom too. The bathroom was the cleanest and grossest thing in the entire place! Grossss. Slop sink. Crates full of “briquettes”, if briquettes are dust. We have no idea what this is at all in the slightest. It seems to be a mold of some sort? The little squares are a rubberish material. Empty and rusting barrels. The giant door to the next and oldest building that we will visit in a later part! 🙂 Left to rot. Empty barrels stacked next to a large broken wall. A view towards Roxie. A surprisingly new wall where there used to be at least one huge building attached. Somehow it got damaged in a quite noticeable manner. A closer look. A pile of old bricks of one of the varieties that they made here. Their markings were not that helpful in a name of this place. Broken and rotting is not a good state for a roof/ceiling. As you can plainly see! Giant door to the other building is actually not a door but a lack of a door. Another numbered wall of bricks. Lot numbers and testing lifespan? No idea. A view back towards where we came from. You can see the broken white wall and to the right is where we are headed in Part Three! A hole in the ground near the end of the building by the large door that seemed to feed water to machines or something similar. The remnants of machinery mounts in the floor. A final view back down towards Roxie and where we came from before we head on to Part Three!

Abandoned Utopia

Two brothers and a trusty Jeep offroading their way to forgotten paradises! O|||||||O