Broken Brickyard - Part 3

Well well what have we just pulled into? Let’s get out and see what is going on here, shall we? Garbage and potentially hazardous minerals, yum! The remnants of some machine. A view of next part of the series Part Four! (coming soon) Well ain’t that the truth random graffiti! Yummy! You can see some of the bricks manufactured here. No idea what this did. Useless windows make better ventilation points. Useful windows mean light! Do not touch! You can see the store room area with all of its disgustingly green lighting wayyyy down there. We will get there! 😉 Oh. Well what do we have here? Brick machine! Your fearless driver and Roxies other half all in one for your size reference needs. How this machine worked is anyone’s guess. Not working now, but appears mostly intact. One brick at a time….. Yeahhhhh no stairs for us. Most of the upper floors and stairs are now on the floor at the feet of these behemoths. Made in Ohio! (Not that we care, Ohio<PA) Check our surroundings real quick before we head further into the building. Roxie sitting pretty. She is fine so that means on to the rest of the building in Part Four! Stay tuned!

Abandoned Utopia

Two brothers and a trusty Jeep offroading their way to forgotten paradises! O|||||||O