Laboratory 2

Exploring a cluster of buildings within the 5000 acres of Carbontown Quarry we came upon Laboratory 2. A particularly intriguing group of buildings that included a few office like rooms and some garages and warehouse spaces filled with crazy machinery parts of gigantic size and years of dust and filth covering everything. Other than the large machinery parts, everything was more or less thrown everywhere and chaotic. It’s hard to imagine the size and task of some of the machinery the parts and pieces were for. Our trips to the office sections of the quarry lead us to logbooks that gave us a further glimpse at some of the machine used in this immense place covering so many acres.

The door to this place was not easily seen or entered… Lots of clutter on the workbenches. One o’clock. Probably AM but who knows. Static electricity is not your friend here! Acetylene! Crates of core samples. Core sample crates label. Caution, lots of core samples! Into the next room…. This room was filthy! Obviously one of the older parts of the whole area. Wonder what happened here? A coal fired furnace to keep it warm. On to the next stop! We wore our safety equipment! Respirators for sure! These gears were massive!! Huge transmissions. Teeth! A gigantic muffler abandoned a long time ago. More random parts. Used and thrown away oil filters. That is one huge air filter! A portion of a bulldozer cab left behind. How much this is worth is probably to much to just abandon here….

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Abandoned Utopia

Two brothers and a trusty Jeep offroading their way to forgotten paradises! O|||||||O