Limestone Elevator

After your daring pilot acquired Roxie, within a weeks time and the first 50 factory miles we had one of the first adventures we have had. That was what came to be known as Carbontown quarry, an abandoned limestone quarry of immense size with dozens of buildings spread across 5,000+ ac One of our first stops there was a limestone/gravel elevator that was five or 6 floors.The floors, stairs, railings, and floor supports were entirely wooden and it was for sure one of the oldest buildings in this quarry and was built in the early to mid 1900s easily. The only thing that has probably saved it this far is the large amount of remaining gravel/dust soaking the water out of the wood keeping it relatively dry in most spots. Still a slightly stressful climb to the top for us both, but an awesome adventure at the end of the day that provided us awesome view and even better pictures!

“Think safety. Work Safely.” In a place like this, we can surely take something from this regardless of being on the clock or not! A view of the back of the elevator building. One of the gears for the machinery to move the limestone and gravel up the elevator. It is laying on the floor of a huge empty room they used to fill with limestone and other minerals that they extracted. Pretty awesome shot showing you how large these gears really are. A view of the of the ceiling of the giant empty room. The giant room. A machinery hall that helps process the minerals from ground level before it is moved up the elevator building. A close up of some of the machinery. The picture of the machinery hall from the direction we came from. A close up of one of the parts to move the minerals. The entire catwalk here is wooden and held up by wood. All of it was quite old, so the lightest man goes first. So for now, I follow my brother and keep my distance a bit for safety. This is the ground floor outside level of the elevator where they filled the trucks, I would assume based on the layout of this part. We moved extremely slowly and made sure we had sure footing and at least a hand on a railing or support. The scoops grabbed the minerals and moved them up the many store elevator building to fill huge long “hallway” type rooms. A closer view of the scoop machinery. Another close up of the scoop mechanisms. One of the rooms filled by this elevator from one of the lower floors of the elevator building. We chose the stairs to continue upwards instead of any of this nonsense! A view from the lower set of doors on the side of the building. They were used to life pieces of machinery and such into the different floors of the elevator building. Looking out of the back of the building from the same floor as the last picture. Finally at the top floor. Almost all of the machinery is missing. Looking out to the top floors set of doors. Take note of the giant white object toward the top right of the picture. Zoomed in a bit. We will save this area for another post, but you can get the idea of how large the cable spool is and how far it is from the elevator building. Quite sure he is saying something along the lines of “No way in hell”. After seeing how far down it is until you hit a bare concrete floor, I agreed. Not to mention the catwalk and framework being almost entirely wooden…. Just a clear view of the catwalk. A view down at Roxie from the top floor of the elevator. Roxie is pretty far away… ](

Abandoned Utopia

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