Outer Tower

We came across this completely unplanned and randomly. This is the first set of buildings in a series of many that make up a rather large railway yard. This was the first thing that we came across when we found the whole yard itself. These buildings were made somewhere around the mid 50’s and were abandoned completely around 1993 when the rail company was bought by a larger entity that had little use for their tracks and assets. Most of the rail traffic that went through this area was to and from steel mills in the nearby larger cities.

This area has two buildings, one of which is just a room for the generators it seems. The main building has 3 floors and a basement. The area between the buildings and the stairs to the basement. To the right we have stairs up, and stairs down in the main building. To the left was the power room that used to house at least a generator. The only thing in here was the remnants of an electric panel. The top floor is a control tower of sorts and looks like it belongs at an airport. We could see to the top floor, but the stairs and ladders are all missing. What a shame! Keep your home clean, guys! A look out what used to be a window down the tracks towards the main yard itself. A huge tank sits across the track from the buildings. Some rather amusing graffiti that is both helpful, and accurate! We were indeed slightly concerned about running into someone living in the basement as we were so close to a major city. A clever and random sticker.

Abandoned Utopia

Two brothers and a trusty Jeep offroading their way to forgotten paradises! O|||||||O