Tysons Tigers - Part 2

Part Two of our adventure to Mike Tysons former mansion!

A view beyond the round turret room and over the carpeted garage’s roof toward the front of the property and the main road as well as the abandoned guard house.

A view of the detached garage from the second floor of the “spare room wing”.

View of the tiger cages and shed from the second floor “spare room wing”.

Looking at the basketball course from the second floor.

We can see the master bathtub on the second floor from the “spare room wing”.

The master bathroom shower. Marble everywhere!

Marble/gold toilet and bidet. Fancy!

This is one huge tub complete with wrap around marble floor, and MANY mirrors on the ceiling above it as well as a golden and crystal chandelier.

A view up into the mirrors and nonsense above the bathtub. In the abandoned state it is in, the mirrors are not aligned as they once were and it for sure is a mind melting experience at times.

Inside of the tub is nothing but anarchy!

We found many ink stamped zebras around the house in odd places. Including right above the bathtub.

Master bedroom. Pretty bare and extremely small compared to the rest of the house…. Color us unimpressed.

The master bedroom has a patio on the open second floor of the HUGE “living room”. This is the room that until recently had black and white zebra print carpet. The carpet has since been removed what a shame!

There used to be a gigantic TV and speakers here. Not anymore.

A view back at the master bedroom patio.

A hint of zebra print under a trophy case in the living room!

Moving into the basement, we found it stripped of walls and floors aside from an intact and relatively decent condition sauna.

Still has rocks!

The only other thing in the basement was this garage door that had the driveway slope down to meet it as this is the basement. Could fit at LEAST 2 cars in here.

Moving back upstairs and across the living room and on to the pool room! This is the changing rooms with full bathrooms between the huge living room and the pool room.

Let’s venture to the pool room through the living room doors instead of the open door above. Looks just like the doors in a hotel into their pool room!

The pool room. You can see the hot tub part on the left.

Moving along clockwise around the poolroom. You can see the removed diving board randomly in the corner.

A view from in the hottub towards the rest of the pool.

Looking at the hot tub from the other side of the poolroom now.

The hotel like doors leading into the living room.

Look how refreshing it looks!

Let’s dive right in!

Looking out towards the front of the house and the broken cameras outside.

The last bits of sunlight were fleeting rapidly as we finished up our tour of the pool room. We plan on posting a Part Three including the entire story of the house and all of our research so far! Thank you for visiting and check back often!

Abandoned Utopia

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