Limestone Warehouses

The Limestone Warehouses are huge no matter the distance you are from them! Roxie was only a few weeks old at this point and already in love with abandoned places. <3

The largest of the Limestone Warehouses. How you can abandon such a large complex is a mystery! There are no doors into the warehouse anymore, all long lost. It is difficult to get all of the building in one shot! Easily the biggest abandoned building we have visited! Your fearless “narrator” investigating. A machine to play with, a place to sit, and a place to kick your feet up. There is where the Utopia portion of Abandoned Utopia comes in! Just some piles of stuff that you REALLY do not want to walk in. When was this last used? It is any ones guess, really. It is probably abandoned with the rest of this place, but could be long term stored by the owner as well. Fancy! Some damage to the building that my camera apparently did not like to focus on. The outside is badly damaged for sure! There is a lot of mess going on here… A closer look. Maybe this is why this place is abandoned. 🙂 Roxie likes to be the scale indicator from time to time to help you guys get an idea of how big some places are. 🙂 On to another warehouse! I wonder if there were doors on it before it was abandoned? Protip: Do not climb that ladder. I tried. Kind of. Catwalks above are VERY old and mostly wooden… You can see parts that are broken. You won’t cross it, ya baby! The long “chute” that is the Number 5 chute can be seen to the left. The chute fed the warehouses with process materials. This was one of the larger warehouses fed by the Number 5 chute. Air quality was far from excellent here. This is the remaining chute that filled the warehouses. A worker was killed when he fell onto the conveyor belt inside the chute and was fed into the limestone warehouse as it was being filled and suffocated. Tragic and terrible way to go, surely. What was even worse is that he was supposedly underage. A tall and impressive pile of metal indeed. Number 5. A hauntingly beautiful view to end that days adventures.

Abandoned Utopia

Two brothers and a trusty Jeep offroading their way to forgotten paradises! O|||||||O