Train Repair Depot

This location is now being re-used after the entire workshop and offices building was removed and a fence around the entire complex was added. Stop! Men at work. But not really. A few of the cars sitting outside of the hanger type building. Looking back towards the hanger. A closer and better look. What a surprise, this nice and newer box car sitting here. Nothing inside, what a bummer! Clean! A view down the tracks going by the hanger. What a cute couple. Scaffolding like no ones business. A view out of the hanger back towards the boxcar and Men at Work sign. Filled with rubbish! Filled with rust. Lots of space and lots of railcars. Weeds grow wherever they please. Restricted Area! Interchange Specialty Services Don’t eat it! A quick glimpse of your dashing author. A now gone block of workshops and offices. All empty. Suspicious hole, sans rabbit. Just some pallets and crates. Empty workshop. Ken’s artistic talents are amazing! 🙂 What used to be a caged in parts store room. Now missing the shelves and parts.

Abandoned Utopia

Two brothers and a trusty Jeep offroading their way to forgotten paradises! O|||||||O