Tysons Tigers - Part 1

This place was difficult to get to and in the middle of nowhere nestled in between an abandoned golf course and an active quarry as well as numerous rather close neighbors. The mansion has not had anyone living in it since 1999 or so with the last resident being the one and only Mike Tyson. Yes, THAT Mike Tyson. All in all this place shows us exactly what limitless funds could get you in the 80’s. More open space, gold, mirrors, and marble than you can possible imagine. Seriously!

We cruised by the front of the 60+ acre property complete with gated fence and guard house and saw absolutely no signs of life.

We saw no entrance either, so we stopped nearby at an unrelated and randomly found abandoned house to regroup and come up with a plan.

We came up with a plan, whether it was a good one or not is all relative. In the end, we happened across quarry land nearby that would provide us access.

We came across several paved pathways that were as wide as a standard car. All flat and not as cracked and damaged as expected due to the trees down over the path suspiciously often. Every 15-20 feet or so there would be another downed tree. Some looked cut down, but we did not spend any time investigating it or all of the paths really.

All of a sudden we are right next to the tiger cages!

Nobody is home, what a shame! We love tigers! 🙂

View of the back of the house from beside the tiger cages.

A look at the front of the tiger cages.

All of the cameras around the property were pointed straight up or down, had no power, and most of the lines were cut anyways.

Looking off of the back deck at what is left of the grill and the now rusting basketball court.

After finding an open passage into the house, we were instantly surprised by the marble floor and mirrors every place there could be one.

A very solid, although unlocked front door.

The main room right inside the front door.

The main stairs. Master bedroom up and to the right, round turret room to the left.

Starting to see the gold ceiling in what we think used to be an office at least temporarily?

A classy type of fireplace you don’t see all that often anymore. You can see 2 of the many trophy/display cases we came across.

The infamous gold ceiling was crazier than anticipated and fortunately still largely intact.

Carpeted 2 door garage inside the house. You can see a ladder going up to a small crawlspace.

We considered this the “spare room wing” of the house. Mostly completely empty spare rooms all with their own walk in closets and full baths. You can see the back deck, and the stairs up to more spare rooms and the start of the master bathroom. But we will get there.

A look out the back window over the other in house garage door offering a nice view of the tiger cages.

Back to the gold ceiling room headed to the kitchen.

The kitchen. Pretty small and uneventful, to be honest…

Another view of the kitchen.

Empty! Last we had heard, there was leftover orange juice and barbeque sauce from the late 90’s when Tyson moved out.

Let’s head up stairs.

Abandoned Utopia

Two brothers and a trusty Jeep offroading their way to forgotten paradises! O|||||||O