Ravaged Resort Part 1

One of our recent adventures was to a forgotten and well known honeymoon at the top of a somewhat nearby chain. It took us quite a few hours to get here, but it was well worth it! This is the view we were greeted to when we go got to the top of the and we definitely knew we had arrived.


Ravaged Resort Part 1

Ravaged Resort Part 1


This well known resort had it’s beginning in 1944 as a tavern. The 500 acre resort eventually grew to include a ski resort and a golf course. It was one of the nicest in the area and quickly became the “it” place for Honeymooners.

The guest cabins featured heart shaped bathtubs,floor-to-ceiling carpeting and round beds.

After the long drive we were glad to be there and anxious to tuck in the Jeep and start exploring

Back in the day the owners spared no expense with these lights all over the property that were from the 1964 Worlds Fair.


All of these cabins were geared for a single couple and provided everything needed for a weekend getaway in the mountains.

It seemed that every cabin was stripped of all of its precious metals at one point leaving every door open including all of the crawlspace and “attic” doors wide open everywhere.



Complete with your very own spooky scrawl space, included with your stay! 🙂




My camera not only hates me but lots of mirrors as well sometimes!


Always have to look your best, right? 😉

The cabins pretty much all had the same layout to include a living room which you can see below and a bedroom with nice bathroom. They also all had decks!


A view through the fireplace into the living room area.


Almost all of the cabins were destroyed with the bathrooms being the worst usually. Walk in jacuzzi tubs in each cabin!







We could see this below us, but it would be awhile before we made it down there…
Check back soon for Part 2 and Part 3!

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